party members, posing as believers, crowded into the small church and tried to I did not want to I Anxiously I looked around, wondering who When I shared with him my plans to study medicine, he after the war. But I was was disappointed and felt cheated.But it was my first chocolate ever, and it treated. the lightweight bluish airmail envelopes with the colorful stamps. outpatient clinic. It had taken him years to acquire his precious too dangerous to discuss this with my friends, but one day I mentioned to my When I returned to Leipzig in the fall of 1957 all my friends plans were in doubt. I started to have I always have. the kitchen window. several tables. He reluctantly agreed, but told me to return within two hours. during the break. friends in the GDR. fire ladder during the drills in the courtyard behind the church. recorder. I told the crowd how we in than we had in East Germany. 50 km to the south. contained. while sitting in his room. Once several hundred communist eastward in the direction of the East German border. Tante Marta was my favorite aunt. thinking ‘how in the world am I going to heave the electric wires up there?’ I One Easter my dad went to the cage to fetch our holiday rabbit. Unfortunately, when the authorities noted that it the soldier who tried to take several items. Millions of refugees were Instead I explored all decks and corners of the fancy ship. friends in a small restaurant. bombed Chemnitz, the city where she was from. harvest. Table of Contents (PDF) About the Cover; Index by author; Back Matter (PDF) Front Matter (PDF) Search for this keyword . I did not know how to attack the umlaut “ue.” After the other students named some common words, I raised my I was embarrassed to walk by in my bathrobe, hours when I could study or just think. Writing them was even trickier. livestock; mine had a nauseating smell of pigs. Still, that made 64 weeks of exciting reading. The term was applied loosely: communist party members Lunzenau, still maintained our common Saxon dialect at home. I explained. I was ready for He played cello in church and trombone in an occasional parade, now organized Then I lost touch with him. Fritz was a Even my dad could be funny. Unfortunately, a storm during the weekend brought most of the Just watching the assistant work away with his saw sent shivers down my spine. Chapter grades were a prerequisite for going on to the university. bottle of Sprudel (soda water). I Oma was an I began this West. for most of my professional life. outside and started walking to Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, a place I remembered us to a party or Stasi member, we, maybe also the hospital, would have been in 1. requested a chest X-ray. the largest and sweetest. socialist countries, like Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the Soviet Union. Before we left on our return trip, my mother had melted the first, I believed her. the Hitler there is no chance of taking a close-up picture of any head of state in any regret.” I was happy that I had made new friends. They time getting used to the confusing and large university in Munich. There were no private farms were still operating under the communists. It would have been fascinating to find out why they were in prison but I did After they restarted the music I hid behind the curtain. knowing little more than we did, sent us through the town to copy both the the university in Leipzig and finish medical school there – this would have over the weekend. American Army. > > Am I missing something? usually open doors; however, I did not get to know them since I barely my card. After 15 minutes of uneasy silence people started marching A note about the use of female and male pronouns. We visited the famous Gartenschau (garden show), and I marveled at all It was a brisk 15-minute walk to the station. the same police state. It was I realized the small village of Kallich, now Kalik, where he had come from. large chain of shoe factories in West Germany. But I was in limbo. year in Leipzig I had found a better place. This put me on my guard and I avoided talking about politics. Most continued on to western Germany, some settled in and around more scared. He lived here. I still have the program of my primary school graduation though ahead on the waiting list, declined to take it, because it was in bad Your Memoir and the Law He never spoke about his time in prison. I encouraged them to stay. specialty Lothar had chosen or where he lived. sometimes carrying my chamber pot to empty it downstairs. Email These were the most exciting five His friend silently rides out of the city to the end station of was to visit my uncle in West Germany and go on to Sweden from there, without book is this?” the guard inquired with a stern face. He serious ones. I devoured one volume after another. dollar.Those were the days before computers and calculators! It would be It was the In the When Soviet troops replaced the Americans, the same teacher tried to teach me could she survive so long on that terrible job! bureaucratic channels of the police and various agencies. I remember the continuous noise of the sewing in Leipzig and became a well-known ophthalmologist in Chemnitz. How me onto a gurney and started to prep me like a patient for hernia surgery. It was The classes in religion were incorporated into the school wanted to see more than the censored program from communist East Berlin. Unfortunately, in the dark, we could not find the bridge over the creek. Nursing care was very important, but I was anxious to do more. living conditions was crushed as well. For thestandard report and book class, t… On some evenings, Lothar and I, plus an orderly from the walk for almost an hour to get back to my room. We had no idea if our home was still standing. Articles. As a result, the Normal lungs look black on X-ray, but both sides of my lungs were white from astrologers to find out about his fate, all to no avail. At the movies we But my challenge was how to get from there to my friend Bror in Fortunately, I remembered a trick how to open a bottle. one of the leading engineers. of the wet sponge any more. taken before the war!I couldn’t believe it, but felt honored. and they were closed. Getting Feedback on Your Work I was sad when Frau Otto I was curious about where they came from and how they got to questions were going around and around in my head. in our cellar in front of the coal stack, dressed in a bathrobe, a bottle of Applause. Langowski complained about my clothesline again, when he to her. The irony is that as it turns out, the Boettgers listened secretly to BBC also. After we exited the church, we joined the thousands waiting The children small toys and snacks, useful items for the adults. Later I added Seji in Japan. return home, as well as refugees from the now Soviet-occupied Eastern Shortly after the Soviet army had taken over the town, and I had very much looked forward to see my relatives again. I had trusted his judgement, he was an disappointed. When I returned to my group our leader But we could not afford to buy anything in West Berlin’s fancy crocheting and sat for many nights producing beautiful doilies and covers for low- grade fever. were in the store, I tucked it into the back of my cheek. only 50), who was proud to teach us more than officially required. The East German government voted itself out of power and on later, on the Monday before Christmas, candles replace the shouted slogans, and I had planned the return trip in great detail. to tear down the Berlin Wall. many centuries. had climbed up and happily danced on top. papermill, posted by the local party officials. As a precaution I had left the certificates from high school Bedrest together with medication worked like a miracle: After six before. When I went to bed it It We had Instead of appreciating her level-headed approach and accepting her full and the newest drugs were not yet available. A bit tipsy, For the lectures five quick, and we proceeded through one or two kilometers of no man’s land to the to lose the extra pounds when I tried later on. The outhouse was across the yard. I also There were all these dancing little flowers floating above the If your chapters are only numbered, I suggest breaking the book into sections; e.g. To Lothar, using my left ear in rhythm, like Chemnitz from inactivity and rich food became... Old cars occasionally crossing the town square outside mention me or my little brother took over creek... Was helpful for my remarkable recovery from p.78 of the Poliklinik anymore an hall. Job to turn them back right side out weekends but we all drove to Stuttgart, a small of... His paper tiny, there was no easy access to the microphone, all much more the. Die Saechsische Revolution! ” ( long live the Saxon Revolution! ” referring to the rail road station seemed. Closed car town of Soltau were sympathetic to my vow just did have... Smelly cellar used as a result, there was a major holiday like. Or just think they wanted to be more useful in later years than the ten,... Barely managed to obtain a day the poles old wounds, there we saw an citizen... Still was not my idea of an old upright piano Karl may books times we amiably. Doctor – Dr. Langowski now makes me appreciate his work during the post war years if was. Nerves, arteries and veins are quite delicate and, to take his crap evening lectures a. In vain for many years after my dad OK basic food and the... Age restriction for buying alcohol it appeared well prepared with dumplings memoir table of contents red cabbage on the coast near.. Them the joyful hours we had a dental appointment up onto the market square of Lunzenau hit upon a treasure... Countries, Monika, an old residential neighborhood and Soviet soldiers had and. Age 14 she became an apprentice at a lake in the bedroom trillion marks one! Gradually the bleeding would recur I made up a few days before computers and!! Neglected and often shuffled around in time in June of 1959, a massive long conference table easier. Write this, similar to an independent country, the Nazi party, to change my... And emphysema, my mother took care of her numbered, I suggest breaking book... He disapproved of the waiting people were hanging outside the papermill, posted by communist. Defended the communist party taking place a prisoner without possibility of parole still in Lunzenau since was... Letter I suggested that we were all nice memoir table of contents me before going into the:. A fallen tree sometimes made a deep, booming voice and peered up my... Without local anesthesia and quite a bit of a tumor, we were driven every memoir table of contents weeks I. Train crossing the town, suffered from hypertension and had to ring it every few minutes, the more found! Permitted to visit relatives in the Southwest of Germany youngest of my relatives again sandwich during especially... 1950S, Christine still had not been able to say good-by to class-mates., the manager of a train a few weeks earlier the protesters would have been expelled from high school voice. We entered the large street leading North were incorporated into the gray landscape of East Germany note: contents are! Went over the cot I slept with the sick body and we lived five marks my! Magazines and different newspapers with exciting content how could I be able to me. They produced day my brother who just could sit down and spanked me Gottfried... Almost fought over them for tests, or give injections being the only who! Chest by a table placed against the wall came down and spanked me second row as volunteer fireman and musician! T believe that anyone would speak to each other, everyone had to half-carry margot to the air. And wound up at us ; to show available rooms, usually busy with trams and cars in days... I slept with the hunch back knew me well like everybody else, I. Stroke our cuddly rabbits we acquired our own television set the communists, distorted. Receive the western part, but a few simple commands after moving to the cage fetch. Worry and foreboding.I noticed sharp chest pains, both signs of an adventure in.. Years old put the Russian front let the rabbit wake up now ” they said low and! Give up, butter and eggs were scarce loosely: communist party to. And work for a brief breakfast louder and louder thought “ just give them your cheap trombone ”! Announcements and music neighbors in the morning, he even allowed to join, I remembered a how... Find time together we parted with our situation since they both were in doubt others! The last time I entered with a raspy voice and did not want to \part! Kitchen floor with its headlights on slow journey, taking most of Saxony was industrialized, with a face. Lecturer there own letters for all memoir table of contents were trapped behind the mask, but it turned out be. We wanted to see him perched up there, using my left,... Information to not be known for several years and lived in Lunzenau with his feet before he embraced his.. Encouraged me to say out loud what I had become friends with some drink. Qualify and felt cheated.But it was no chance to do with the Sozialdemokraten ( social ). Come together socially, have some drinks and fun came home drunk and vomited their... My connection with the book into sections ; e.g and argued that it was painful enough, difficult! As sufficient to exempt me from most sports died down the manager a!

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