save. padding: 0 20px; .home .site-header, padding-bottom: 50px; #sidr-id-header-button-container-inner > h4, } margin: 0; I took your advice and thought I’d have a little look at Hanging Dog Ranch, and there it was! AlliGator Eggs. This thread is archived. You can find this stranger inside the wrought-iron greenhouse in the backyard of a large blue house, north of Saint-Denis after you complete The Gilded Cage during the 4th chapter. #sidr-id-header-button-container-inner button { These orchids can be found west of Van Horn Trading Post, to the right hand side of the stream below Elysian Pool, you’ll need ten of them. This Is The Famous Ak-47 Song Lyrics, /* Header logo height */ It grows in … I have over 50 lady of night orchids bagged, and that’s more than the number of fixed positions of it. This is retarded. } else { Kind shitty place to put them. }, Can be crafted into Potent Herbivore Bait. padding-top: 10px; However, orchids spawn in a fixed location while birds spawn randomly in the red area guide region. I think they only spawn from the epilogues on as it is a dynamic location that changes throughout the game. Clam Shell Orchids grow down the shoreline leading from Shady Belle up to Caliga Hall. 9.8k. ( 'fetch' in window ) || document.write( '